Zmanim2513 Iyar28 Laomer
Zmanim2614 Iyar29 Laomer
Zmanim2715 Iyar30 Laomer
Zmanim2816 Iyar31 Laomer
Zmanim2917 Iyar32 LaomerLag Baomer evening
Zmanim3018 Iyar33 LaomerLag BaOmerLight Candles: 19:31
Zmanim119 Iyar34 LaomerShabbat Ends: 20:35Emor
Zmanim220 Iyar35 Laomer
Zmanim321 Iyar36 Laomer
Zmanim422 Iyar37 Laomer
Zmanim523 Iyar38 Laomer
Zmanim624 Iyar39 Laomer
Zmanim725 Iyar40 LaomerLight Candles: 19:39
Zmanim826 Iyar41 LaomerShabbat Ends: 20:43Behar Bechukotay
Zmanim927 Iyar42 Laomer
Zmanim1028 Iyar43 LaomerJerusalem Day
Zmanim1129 Iyar44 Laomer
Zmanim121 Sivan45 LaomerRosh Chodesh
Zmanim132 Sivan46 Laomer
Zmanim143 Sivan47 LaomerLight Candles: 19:46
Zmanim154 Sivan48 LaomerShabbat Ends: 20:51Bamidbar
Zmanim165 Sivan49 LaomerShavuot EveningHoliday Start: 19:48
Zmanim176 SivanShavuotHoliday End: 20:54
Zmanim187 SivanShavuotHoliday End: 20:55
Zmanim198 Sivan
Zmanim209 Sivan
Zmanim2110 SivanLight Candles: 19:52
Zmanim2211 SivanShabbat Ends: 20:59Naso
Zmanim2312 Sivan
Zmanim2413 Sivan
Zmanim2514 Sivan
Zmanim2615 Sivan
Zmanim2716 Sivan
Zmanim2817 SivanLight Candles: 19:58
Zmanim2918 SivanShabbat Ends: 21:06Behaalotcha
Zmanim3019 Sivan
Zmanim3120 Sivan
Zmanim121 Sivan
Zmanim222 Sivan
Zmanim323 Sivan
Zmanim424 SivanLight Candles: 20:03
Zmanim525 SivanShabbat Ends: 21:12Shlach
8 Shevat 5781, 21 January 2021

May 2021

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • May start on Hebrew date 19 Iyar 5781
  • May end on Hebrew date 20 Sivan 5781
  • May contains 31 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Emor, Behar Bechukotay, Bamidbar, Naso, Behaalotcha
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:26 and 08:02
  • Sunrise between 05:54 and 05:27
  • Sunset between 19:53 and 20:20
  • ספירת העומר בין ט"ז בניסן 29/03/2021 ,לה' בסיון 16/05/2021

Jewish Holidays:

Jerusalem Day 2021

Occurs on date: Monday , 10/05/2021, 28 Iyar 5781

Shavuot Evening 2021

Occurs on date: Sunday , 16/05/2021, 5 Sivan 5781

Holiday Start 18:50
Tel Aviv
Holiday Start 19:12
Holiday Start 19:03
Be'er Sheva
Holiday Start 19:10

Shavuot 2021

Occurs on date: Monday , 17/05/2021, 6 Sivan 5781

Holiday End 20:09
Tel Aviv
Holiday End 20:12
Holiday End 20:13
Be'er Sheva
Holiday End 20:10

Shavuot 2021

Occurs on date: Tuesday , 18/05/2021, 7 Sivan 5781

Holiday End 20:10
Tel Aviv
Holiday End 20:13
Holiday End 20:14
Be'er Sheva
Holiday End 20:11

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Date Today:
8 Shevat 5781, 21 January 2021
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