We have made many efforts to make JCAL accessible to those with disabilities. We hope that we have been able to enable all of you to surf successfully.


We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of all pages under the jcal.com domain as part of our commitment to allow the entire population, including people with disabilities, to surf smoothly.


If you encounter a problem or have an idea to improve accessibility, please contact the website team at the email: team @ jcal.com (note that there is a separation between the characters in the email to prevent the email from being distributed to spam systems).


Things done so far:


  • Option to reduce and increase the text.
  • Option to browse using TAB.
  • Creating a hierarchy for browsing in TAB.
  • Changes to the website structure and menus.
  • Changes in background colors of titles to create contrast.
  • ALT setting for images and icons.


Have a fun surfing experience!


JCAL team

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