Zmanim2712 Tevet
Zmanim2813 Tevet
Zmanim2914 Tevet
Zmanim3015 Tevet
Zmanim3116 Tevet
Zmanim117 TevetLight Candles: 16:20
Zmanim218 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:24Vayechi
Zmanim319 Tevet
Zmanim420 Tevet
Zmanim521 Tevet
Zmanim622 Tevet
Zmanim723 Tevet
Zmanim824 TevetLight Candles: 16:26
Zmanim925 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:30Shmot
Zmanim1026 Tevet
Zmanim1127 Tevet
Zmanim1228 Tevet
Zmanim1329 Tevet
Zmanim141 ShevatRosh Chodesh
Zmanim152 ShevatLight Candles: 16:34
Zmanim163 ShevatShabbat Ends: 17:37Vaera
Zmanim174 Shevat
Zmanim185 Shevat
Zmanim196 Shevat
Zmanim207 Shevat
Zmanim218 Shevat
Zmanim229 ShevatLight Candles: 16:42
Zmanim2310 ShevatShabbat Ends: 17:45Boh
Zmanim2411 Shevat
Zmanim2512 Shevat
Zmanim2613 Shevat
Zmanim2714 Shevat
Zmanim2815 ShevatTu Bishvat
Zmanim2916 ShevatLight Candles: 16:50
Zmanim3017 ShevatShabbat Ends: 17:52Beshalach
Zmanim3118 Shevat
Zmanim119 Shevat
Zmanim220 Shevat
Zmanim321 Shevat
Zmanim422 Shevat
Zmanim523 ShevatLight Candles: 16:59
Zmanim624 ShevatShabbat Ends: 18:00Yitro
15 Av 5781, 24 July 2021

January 2021

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • January starts on Hebrew date 17 Tevet 5781
  • January ends on Hebrew date 18 Shevat 5781
  • January contains 31 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Vayechi, Shmot, Vaera, Boh, Beshalach
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:45 and 08:47
  • Sunrise between 07:20 and 07:07
  • Sunset between 16:40 and 17:13

Jewish Holidays:

Tu Bishvat 2021

Occurs on date: Thursday , 28/01/2021, 15 Shevat 5781

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The calendar shows a Hebrew date, a foreign date, a Hebrew date of the day, Jewish holiday dates,

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Date Today:
15 Av 5781, 24 July 2021
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