Zmanim2627 Sivan
Zmanim2728 Sivan
Zmanim2829 Sivan
Zmanim2930 SivanRosh Chodesh
Zmanim301 TamuzRosh Chodesh
Zmanim12 TamuzLight Candles: 20:11
Zmanim23 TamuzShabbat Ends: 21:22Korach
Zmanim34 Tamuz
Zmanim45 Tamuz
Zmanim56 Tamuz
Zmanim67 Tamuz
Zmanim78 Tamuz
Zmanim89 TamuzLight Candles: 20:10
Zmanim910 TamuzShabbat Ends: 21:19Chukat
Zmanim1011 Tamuz
Zmanim1112 Tamuz
Zmanim1213 Tamuz
Zmanim1314 Tamuz
Zmanim1415 Tamuz
Zmanim1516 TamuzLight Candles: 20:06
Zmanim1617 TamuzShabbat Ends: 21:15Balack
Zmanim1718 TamuzTzom Shiva Asar B'TammuzEnd tzom: 21:00
Zmanim1819 Tamuz
Zmanim1920 Tamuz
Zmanim2021 Tamuz
Zmanim2122 Tamuz
Zmanim2223 TamuzLight Candles: 20:01
Zmanim2324 TamuzShabbat Ends: 21:10Pinchas
Zmanim2425 Tamuz
Zmanim2526 Tamuz
Zmanim2627 Tamuz
Zmanim2728 Tamuz
Zmanim2829 Tamuz
Zmanim291 AvLight Candles: 19:55Rosh Chodesh
Zmanim302 AvShabbat Ends: 21:02Matoth Masaey
Zmanim313 Av
Zmanim14 Av
Zmanim25 Av
Zmanim36 Av
Zmanim47 Av
Zmanim58 AvLight Candles: 19:47
Zmanim69 AvTisha B'av eveShabbat Ends: 20:53DevarimShabbat Chazon

Date Today:
Visible Sunrise (HaNetz HaChama):New York: 07:06 שקיעה הנראית: 17:14
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July 2022

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • July starts on Hebrew date 2 Tamuz 5782
  • July ends on Hebrew date 3 Av 5782
  • July contains 31 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Korach, Chukat, Balack, Pinchas, Matoth Masaey
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:19 and 08:32
  • Sunrise between 05:29 and 05:52
  • Sunset between 20:31 and 20:12
  • Bein ha-Metzarim apply between the 17th of Tammuz 17/07/2022 ,and the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av) 07/08/2022

Jewish Holidays:

Tzom Shiva Asar B'Tammuz 2022

Occurs on date: Sunday , 17/07/2022, 18 Tamuz 5782

Start Bein ha-Metzarim
Start tzom 04:20
End tzom 20:15
Tel Aviv
Start tzom 04:20
End tzom 20:17
Start tzom 04:17
End tzom 20:19
Be'er Sheva
Start tzom 04:23
End tzom 20:15

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