Zmanimcalculate times2613 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times2714 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times2815 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times2916 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times3017 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times118 KislevLight Candles: 16:10
Zmanimcalculate times219 KislevShabbat Ends: 17:15Vyishlach
Zmanimcalculate times320 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times421 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times522 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times623 Kislev
Zmanimcalculate times724 KislevHanukkah eve, First candle
Zmanimcalculate times825 KislevHanukkahLight Candles: 16:09
Zmanimcalculate times926 KislevHanukkahShabbat Ends: 17:14VayeshevHanukkah Shabbat
Zmanimcalculate times1027 KislevHanukkah
Zmanimcalculate times1128 KislevHanukkah
Zmanimcalculate times1229 KislevHanukkah
Zmanimcalculate times131 TevetHanukkahRosh Chodesh
Zmanimcalculate times142 TevetHanukkah-The Last Candle
Zmanimcalculate times153 TevetHanukkahLight Candles: 16:10
Zmanimcalculate times164 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:15Miketz
Zmanimcalculate times175 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times186 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times197 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times208 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times219 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2210 TevetTzom Asara B'tevetLight Candles: 16:13End tzom: 17:05
Zmanimcalculate times2311 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:18Vayigash
Zmanimcalculate times2412 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2513 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2614 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2715 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2816 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times2917 TevetLight Candles: 16:18
Zmanimcalculate times3018 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:23Vayechi
Zmanimcalculate times3119 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times120 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times221 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times322 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times423 Tevet
Zmanimcalculate times524 TevetLight Candles: 16:23
Zmanimcalculate times625 TevetShabbat Ends: 17:28Shmot

Today's Date:

Sunrise in New York: ‎06:26 | Sunset (Shkiah): 17:50
Visible Sunrise (HaNetz HaChama) in New York: ‎06:25 | Visible Sunset (Shkiah Haniret): 17:51
Current month: , :
Next 6 months: April 2024, May 2024, June 2024, July 2024, August 2024, September 2024
Current year: , : , Next year:

March 2024, General details and Jewish holidays:

Times for New York city, based on the time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • December starts on Hebrew date 18 Kislev 5784
  • December ends on Hebrew date 19 Tevet 5784
  • December contains 31 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Vyishlach, Vayeshev, Miketz, Vayigash, Vayechi
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:29 and 08:45
  • Sunrise between 07:00 and 07:20
  • Sunset between 16:29 and 16:38

Jewish Holidays:

Hanukkah eve, First candle 2023

Date: Thu , 07/12/2023, 24 Kislev 5784

1 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Fri , 08/12/2023, 25 Kislev 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Second Candle
Kriat Hatora:

2 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Shabbat , 09/12/2023, 26 Kislev 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Third Candle
Kriat Hatora:

3 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Sun , 10/12/2023, 27 Kislev 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Fourth Candle
Kriat Hatora:

4 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Mon , 11/12/2023, 28 Kislev 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Fifth Candle
Kriat Hatora:

5 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Tue , 12/12/2023, 29 Kislev 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Sixth Candle
Kriat Hatora:

6 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Wed , 13/12/2023, 1 Tevet 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: Seventh Candle
Kriat Hatora:

7 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Thu , 14/12/2023, 2 Tevet 5784

Hanukkah Candle Lighting: The Last Candle
Kriat Hatora:

8 Hanukkah 2023

Date: Fri , 15/12/2023, 3 Tevet 5784

Kriat Hatora:

Tzom Asara B'tevet 2023

Date: Fri , 22/12/2023, 10 Tevet 5784

About JCal

JCal is a Jewish calendar that includes Jewish holidays and Halachic times of day (Zmanim).

The calendar includes both Hebrew and Georgian dates.

The current day on the calendar is determined by the time on the device from which you view the calendar.

The Jewish calendar is available for printing for any given month.

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