Zmanimcalculate times2516 April
Zmanimcalculate times2617 April
Zmanimcalculate times2718 AprilYom HaShoah
Zmanimcalculate times2819 April
Zmanimcalculate times2920 April
Zmanimcalculate times3021 AprilLight Candles: 19:22Rosh Chodesh
Zmanimcalculate times122 AprilShabbat Ends: 20:25Tazria MetzoraShabbat Rosh Chodesh
Zmanimcalculate times223 April
Zmanimcalculate times324 April
Zmanimcalculate times425 AprilYom HaZikaron
Zmanimcalculate times526 AprilYom Ha'atzmaut
Zmanimcalculate times627 April
Zmanimcalculate times728 AprilLight Candles: 19:29
Zmanimcalculate times829 AprilShabbat Ends: 20:33Acharey mot kdoshim
Zmanimcalculate times930 April
Zmanimcalculate times101 May
Zmanimcalculate times112 May
Zmanimcalculate times123 May
Zmanimcalculate times134 May
Zmanimcalculate times145 MayLight Candles: 19:36
Zmanimcalculate times156 MayShabbat Ends: 20:41Emor
Zmanimcalculate times167 May
Zmanimcalculate times178 MayLag Baomer eve
Zmanimcalculate times189 MayLag BaOmer
Zmanimcalculate times1910 May
Zmanimcalculate times2011 May
Zmanimcalculate times2112 MayLight Candles: 19:44
Zmanimcalculate times2213 MayShabbat Ends: 20:49Behar Bechukotay
Zmanimcalculate times2314 May
Zmanimcalculate times2415 May
Zmanimcalculate times2516 May
Zmanimcalculate times2617 May
Zmanimcalculate times2718 May
Zmanimcalculate times2819 MayJerusalem DayLight Candles: 19:50
Zmanimcalculate times2920 MayShabbat Ends: 20:57Bamidbar

Today's Date:

Sunrise in New York: ‎05:25 | Sunset (Shkiah): 20:31
Visible Sunrise (HaNetz HaChama) in New York: ‎05:24 | Visible Sunset (Shkiah Haniret): 20:31
Current month: , :
Next 6 months: Tamuz 5784, Av 5784, Elul 5784, Tishrei 5785, Cheshvan 5785, Kislev 5785
Current year: , : , Next year:

Sivan 5784, General details and Jewish holidays:

Times for New York city, based on the time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • Rosh Chodesh Iyar Date 22/04/2023
  • Molad in יום חמישי, בשעה 2 בצהרים, 8 דקות ו13 חלקים
  • The month Iyar contains 1 days
  • Parashot Hashavua:: Tazria Metzora,Acharey mot kdoshim,Emor,Behar Bechukotay,Bamidbar
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:37 and 08:19
  • Sunrise between 06:07 and 05:34
  • Sunset between 19:43 and 20:12
  • ספירת העומר בין ט"ז בניסן 07/04/2023 ,לה' בסיון 25/05/2023

Jewish Holidays:

Yom HaZikaron 5783

Date: Tue , 25/04/2023, 4 Iyar 5783

Yom Ha'atzmaut 5783

Date: Wed , 26/04/2023, 5 Iyar 5783

Lag Baomer eve 5783

Date: Mon , 08/05/2023, 17 Iyar 5783

Lag BaOmer 5783

Date: Tue , 09/05/2023, 18 Iyar 5783

Jerusalem Day 5783

Date: Fri , 19/05/2023, 28 Iyar 5783

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JCal is a Jewish calendar that includes Jewish holidays and Halachic times of day (Zmanim).

The calendar includes both Hebrew and Georgian dates.

The current day on the calendar is determined by the time on the device from which you view the calendar.

The Jewish calendar is available for printing for any given month.

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