Zmanimcalculate times2523 February
Zmanimcalculate times2624 February
Zmanimcalculate times2725 February
Zmanimcalculate times2826 February
Zmanimcalculate times2927 February
Zmanimcalculate times3028 FebruaryLight Candles: 17:27Rosh Chodesh
Zmanimcalculate times11 MarchShabbat Ends: 18:27TrumaShabbat Shekalim
Zmanimcalculate times22 March
Zmanimcalculate times33 March
Zmanimcalculate times44 March
Zmanimcalculate times55 March
Zmanimcalculate times66 March
Zmanimcalculate times77 MarchLight Candles: 17:35
Zmanimcalculate times88 MarchShabbat Ends: 18:34TetzavehShabbat Zachor
Zmanimcalculate times99 March
Zmanimcalculate times1010 March
Zmanimcalculate times1111 March
Zmanimcalculate times1212 March
Zmanimcalculate times1313 MarchTaanit EstherEnd tzom: 19:28
Zmanimcalculate times1414 MarchPurimLight Candles: 18:43
Zmanimcalculate times1515 MarchShushan PurimShabbat Ends: 19:42Ki Tissa
Zmanimcalculate times1616 MarchShushan Purim Meshulash
Zmanimcalculate times1717 March
Zmanimcalculate times1818 March
Zmanimcalculate times1919 March
Zmanimcalculate times2020 MarchMarch equinox
Zmanimcalculate times2121 MarchLight Candles: 18:50
Zmanimcalculate times2222 MarchShabbat Ends: 19:50VayakhelShabbat Parah
Zmanimcalculate times2323 March
Zmanimcalculate times2424 March
Zmanimcalculate times2525 March
Zmanimcalculate times2626 March
Zmanimcalculate times2727 March
Zmanimcalculate times2828 MarchLight Candles: 18:57
Zmanimcalculate times2929 MarchShabbat Ends: 19:57pekudeySabbat Hachodesh

Today's Date:

Sunrise in New York: ‎05:45 | Sunset (Shkiah): 20:20
Visible Sunrise (HaNetz HaChama) in New York: ‎05:44 | Visible Sunset (Shkiah Haniret): 20:20
Current month: , :
Next 6 months: Av 5784, Elul 5784, Tishrei 5785, Cheshvan 5785, Kislev 5785, Tevet 5785
Current year: , : , Next year:

Tamuz 5784, General details and Jewish holidays:

Times for New York city, based on the time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • changing to Summer Clock in  28 Adar 5785
  • Rosh Chodesh Adar Date 01/03/2025
  • Molad in ליל שישי, בשעה 7 בערב, 2 דקות ו0 חלקים
  • The month Adar contains 1 days
  • Parashot Hashavua:: Truma,Tetzaveh,Ki Tissa,Vayakhel,pekudey
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:30 and 09:01
  • Sunrise between 06:29 and 06:42
  • Sunset between 17:48 and 19:19
  • Bein ha-Metzarim apply between the 17th of Tammuz 23/07/2024 ,and the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av) 13/08/2024

Jewish Holidays:

Taanit Esther 5785

Date: Thu , 13/03/2025, 13 Adar 5785

Purim 5785

Date: Fri , 14/03/2025, 14 Adar 5785

Shushan Purim 5785

Date: Shabbat , 15/03/2025, 15 Adar 5785

Shushan Purim Meshulash 5785

Date: Sun , 16/03/2025, 16 Adar 5785

About JCal

JCal is a Jewish calendar that includes Jewish holidays and Halachic times of day (Zmanim).

The calendar includes both Hebrew and Georgian dates.

The current day on the calendar is determined by the time on the device from which you view the calendar.

The Jewish calendar is available for printing for any given month.

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