Zmanim2627 February
Zmanim2728 February
Zmanim281 March
Zmanim292 March
Zmanim303 MarchRosh Chodesh
Zmanim14 MarchLight Candles: 17:31Rosh Chodesh
Zmanim25 MarchShabbat Ends: 18:31pekudey
Zmanim36 March
Zmanim47 March
Zmanim58 March
Zmanim69 March
Zmanim710 March
Zmanim811 MarchLight Candles: 17:39
Zmanim912 MarchShabbat Ends: 18:39VayikrahShabbat Zachor
Zmanim1013 March
Zmanim1114 March
Zmanim1215 March
Zmanim1316 MarchTaanit EsterEnd tzom: 19:31
Zmanim1417 MarchPurim
Zmanim1518 MarchShushan PurimLight Candles: 18:47
Zmanim1619 MarchShabbat Ends: 19:46Tzav
Zmanim1720 MarchMarch equinox
Zmanim1821 March
Zmanim1922 March
Zmanim2023 March
Zmanim2124 March
Zmanim2225 MarchLight Candles: 18:54
Zmanim2326 MarchShabbat Ends: 19:54SheminiShabbat Parah
Zmanim2427 March
Zmanim2528 March
Zmanim2629 March
Zmanim2730 March
Zmanim2831 March
Zmanim291 AprilLight Candles: 19:01
Zmanim12 AprilShabbat Ends: 20:02TazriaShabbat Rosh Chodesh and Parashat Hachodesh

Date Today:
זריחה הנראית בNew York: 07:04 שקיעה הנראית: 16:30
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Adar Beit 5782

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • changing to Summer Clock In 22 Adar Beit 5782
  • Rosh Chodesh Adar Beit Occurs on date 04/03/2022
  • Molad in ליל חמישי, בשעה 3 בלילה, 51 דקות ו17 חלקים
  • חודש Adar Beit מכיל 1 ימים
  • Parashot Hashavua:: pekudey,Vayikrah,Tzav,Shemini
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:27 and 08:58
  • Sunrise between 06:25 and 06:38
  • Sunset between 17:51 and 19:22

Jewish Holidays:

Taanit Ester 5782

Occurs on date: Wednesday , 16/03/2022, 13 Adar Beit 5782

Purim 5782

Occurs on date: Thursday , 17/03/2022, 14 Adar Beit 5782

Shushan Purim 5782

Occurs on date: Friday , 18/03/2022, 15 Adar Beit 5782

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