Zmanim123 Av
Zmanim224 Av
Zmanim325 Av
Zmanim426 Av
Zmanim527 Av
Zmanim628 AvLight Candles: 19:45
Zmanim729 AvShabbat Ends: 20:52Reeh
Zmanim830 AvRosh Chodesh
Zmanim91 ElulRosh Chodesh
Zmanim102 Elul
Zmanim113 Elul
Zmanim124 Elul
Zmanim135 ElulLight Candles: 19:36
Zmanim146 ElulShabbat Ends: 20:42Shofetim
Zmanim157 Elul
Zmanim168 Elul
Zmanim179 Elul
Zmanim1810 Elul
Zmanim1911 Elul
Zmanim2012 ElulLight Candles: 19:26
Zmanim2113 ElulShabbat Ends: 20:31Ki Teitzei
Zmanim2214 Elul
Zmanim2315 Elul
Zmanim2416 Elul
Zmanim2517 Elul
Zmanim2618 Elul
Zmanim2719 ElulLight Candles: 19:16
Zmanim2820 ElulShabbat Ends: 20:19Ki Tavo
Zmanim2921 Elul
Zmanim3022 Elul
Zmanim3123 Elul
Zmanim124 Elul
Zmanim225 Elul
Zmanim326 ElulLight Candles: 19:04
Zmanim427 ElulShabbat Ends: 20:07Nitzavim
15 Av 5781, 24 July 2021

August 2021

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • August starts on Hebrew date 23 Av 5781
  • August ends on Hebrew date 23 Elul 5781
  • August contains 31 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Reeh, Shofetim, Ki Teitzei, Ki Tavo
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:24 and 08:44
  • Sunrise between 05:53 and 06:22
  • Sunset between 20:11 and 19:29

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Date Today:
15 Av 5781, 24 July 2021
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