x סגור
times114 Cheshvan
times215 Cheshvan
times316 Cheshvan
times417 Cheshvan
times518 Cheshvan
times619 CheshvanLight Candles: 16:26
times720 CheshvanShabbat Ends: 17:29Vayera
times821 Cheshvan
times922 Cheshvan
times1023 Cheshvan
times1124 Cheshvan
times1225 Cheshvan
times1326 CheshvanLight Candles: 16:19
times1427 CheshvanShabbat Ends: 17:22Chayey sara
times1528 Cheshvan
times1629 Cheshvan
times171 KislevRosh Chodesh
times182 Kislev
times193 Kislev
times204 KislevLight Candles: 16:14
times215 KislevShabbat Ends: 17:18Toldot
times226 Kislev
times237 Kislev
times248 Kislev
times259 Kislev
times2610 Kislev
times2711 KislevLight Candles: 16:10
times2812 KislevShabbat Ends: 17:15Vayetze
times2913 Kislev
times3014 Kislev
times115 Kislev
times216 Kislev
times317 Kislev
times418 KislevLight Candles: 16:09
times519 KislevShabbat Ends: 17:14Vyishlach
x סגור
10 Kislev 5781, 26 November 2020

November 2020

Zmanim For New York city by time system: Chazon Shomayim

Month data:

  • November start on Hebrew date 14 Cheshvan 5781
  • November end on Hebrew date 14 Kislev 5781
  • November contains 30 days
  • Parashot Hashavua: Vayera, Chayey sara, Toldot, Vayetze
  • End of Kriat Shema 08:12 and 08:28
  • Sunrise between 06:27 and 07:00
  • Sunset between 16:52 and 16:29

Jewish Holidays:

Date Today:
10 Kislev 5781, 26 November 2020
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